How it works ? (Guide)

HTF candle

If you have to change the time frame of the chart to see the key areas of the market, I must say that it is not necessary with this indicator.

You can easily see the support and resistance and forms of the candles, and you can also see the volume and fluctuation of the candle.



It shows the dynamic support and resistance zones. You can also use it as a stop and exit point.



The hero cloud performs much better compared to the Ichimoku cloud and shows optimial support and resistance points.

Also, when the cloud changes color or the price crosses above and below the cloud, you can enter the trade.


Volume profile

Identifying the areas where liquidity is accumulated is one of the most important parts of technical analysis. Volume profile is one of the best tools to find these areas.



The hero indicator provides many tools, but you may only need one trigger to make a trade. Hero signals are considered for this purpose. If you are not sure whether to enter or exit, you can get help from this indicator.



The basis of technical analysis is the study of past market prices. This indicator shows price reversal points in different time frames.



If you use the moving average to detect the trend and reversal areas, it is better to remove it and use Ultra Trend. You can get the trend and reversal areas and buy and sell signals at a glance.


Decay bands

If you are trading against the trend and looking for points where the price will return, you can use Decay bands. You can also use it to buy the deep and sell the moon.



The dashboard is designed to get general information about the market at a glance. The total score is the average of 4 famous indicators (Rsi, Macd, Sma, Ichi).

The F/G index is an improved version of the fear and greed index and provides an optimal value for each symbol. Also, stop and target prices are displayed, which you can set an alarm for them.


Master cycle OSC

If you like to keep your chart simple, you can use this indicator alone. This oscillator shows you trend - return points - buying and selling signals.



All these 10 indicators are completely customizable. You can set your own color and theme. You can also use short and long mode for signal and display indicators based on your trading style.
also you can display the indicators with one click. By default, only a number of indicators are visible, but you can activate all of them.



Alarms are defined for all indicators. Feel free to set the indicator and receive the signal on your mobile.